Meticulous editing by native speakers

Make sure your German or English text says exactly what you mean

Do you have written content—in English or German—that you aren’t happy with or that needs a bit of polishing? Do you have technical documentation that needs to be made clear, consistent, and error-free? Do you have reports that need to be edited to ensure that they will impress and persuade your shareholders or other stakeholders? Do you have German<>English translations that didn’t meet your expectations? Let our experienced native language editors help make your content shine. Professional editing can help ensure:

  • the clarity of your message
  • accuracy of grammar and spelling
  • consistency within and across texts
  • the power of your content

We currently work with clients in the following fields to help them polish their documents and ensure the highest quality communications:

  • pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotechnology
  • financial services
  • legal services
  • museums and other cultural institutions

Contact us today to see how we can help you finesse your message to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. See how GLS can help you with your editing project.

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