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Localization goes beyond the linguistic level and includes the cultural and geographic adaptation of content from one language to another. Localization is especially useful for marketing and advertising texts, where it is necessary to appeal to people’s emotions and cultural preferences. In addition to language, localization also adapts things like images, colors, date and time format, cultural references, and even page formatting, so the intended audience responds to it as if it were written by a native speaker of their own language. This helps to focus attention on the message being conveyed and increases the effectiveness of the message. Localization is especially suited for:

  • marketing texts
  • training/e-learning documentation
  • websites and web content
  • subtitling
  • user interfaces
  • product manuals

Localization requires not only an excellent sense of language, but also an ability to take account of a wide range of cultural factors. It’s essential to hire a professional who understands the requirements of localization, so they get it right. See how GLS can help you with the localization of your content.

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