Terminology Management

The secret to the success of your translation project

What is terminology management and why do you need it? Terminology management is the process of identifying key words, specialized terms, concepts, or phrases, translating them, and using them to create and maintain a database. A terminology database, or termbase, is an indispensable tool for ensuring not only correct technical terminology but also brand consistency. Terminology management helps to ensure consistency across translations and preserves long-term knowledge. It’s a highly specialized field that requires an understanding of both language and the latest technology. At GLS, we have in-house specialists in terminology management who work to provide the highest possible quality for your translations, so your message is always front and center.

Terminology management includes the following benefits:

  • consistency of terminology across documents and projects
  • fewer errors
  • improved precision and clarity
  • increased efficiency
  • saves time (and money)

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