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Legal documents are highly sensitive – translating them requires accuracy and confidentiality

The importance of accuracy in legal translation services

Legal translation services involve some of the most sensitive – and important – legal documents. These documents form the basis for legal relationships between parties around the world. An incorrect translation can result in serious legal and financial consequences. So, accurate translations are crucial.

Law firms, international corporations, and other legal clients need to be able to rely on their translation partners. Clients need to know that their partners have the relevant expertise and understanding of legal language and concepts. Given the complexity of the terms involved, only an experienced translator can fully understand the nuances of legal language.

GLS has decades of experience translating legal documents

At GLS, we’ve been helping our legal clients translate their documents for more than four decades. Over this time, we’ve worked on all types of legal documents, including:

  • Contracts
  • Purchase agreements
  • Corporate bylaws and articles of association
  • Nondisclosure agreements
  • Court decisions and decrees
  • Patents
  • Real estate and rental agreements
  • Vital records

We only work with translators who have the requisite experience in the relevant subject matter, including trained lawyers. This ensures that the translations not only read well, but that they’re accurate as well. We also provide notarized certificates of accuracy and Beglaubigungen. So you can focus on your core activities, safe in the knowledge that your translated legal documents will meet all legal requirements. Because in the case of legal translations, good enough doesn’t cut it.

See how you can benefit from expert legal translation services

Whatever your legal translation needs, we have the internal and external resources to meet them. With offices in three locations, we offer continuous coverage and can assist you when you need us. When you entrust your sensitive legal documents to us, you can be confident that your translations will be accurate and that the information in them will remain absolutely confidential. Contact us to learn more about our expert legal translation services.

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