Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

German Language Services (GLS) is a small business that provides specialized German/English translation services. GLS cares about the right to protection of privacy. This document describes our interaction with the information we receive from clients and visitors to our website, and how we use that information.

GLS complies with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Type of data collected

GLS collects personal data from clients, employees, service providers, and job applicants. Personal information is processed in the form of first and last names, email addresses, phone numbers, physical mailing addresses, job titles, education and training (for human resources purposes only), business terms, and other information supplied by our business contacts in order that we may provide requested services. Additionally, such information is used for accounting and business communication purposes. GLS also processes names and contact information provided to us in an unsolicited fashion by interested parties via our website to fulfill requests for information about our services. Beyond this, GLS does not track or monitor our website visitors nor do we use cookies to log data about our website users.

Purpose of data collection

GLS collects and processes data submitted by customers, employees, service providers, and job applicants exclusively for business purposes. GLS uses the data to provide requested services, for accounting and internal communication purposes, to communicate information about GLS, and for confidential client interactions. GLS never sells the data it collects.

Use of information

The information stored at GLS is used exclusively to provide services and information to our clients and enable contact with our vendors.


Individuals have the right to opt out of (a) disclosures of their personal information to third parties or (b) uses of their personal information. To do this, please email your request to

Type of third parties to which personal information is disclosed

GLS uses contracted third parties to fulfill certain business services; these contracted parties do not generally come into contact with the personal information provided to GLS. However, from time to time data may be transferred to such contracted third parties to fulfill a business or HR requirement. The third parties are restricted in the use of the data by contract terms between the third party and GLS that restrict the use or disclosure of personal data. GLS retains liability for ensuring that contracted third parties understand and abide by appropriate privacy practices.

Right to access personal data

Individuals have the right to request access their personal information, to correct or amend the information, or to request its deletion. To do this, email

Sharing and disclosure

GLS does not share any personal information with others, except as may be required to fulfill business services using third party vendors such as freelance translators. Such third party vendors are restricted from use and disclosure of personal data by contract. GLS retains full responsibility for the actions of its contractors in this regard. GLS will share personal information only as required to disclose personal information in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.

Storing your personal data

Personal information is stored on secure local office servers and an enterprise-level secure Microsoft 365 SharePoint cloud server.

Accessing, correcting, limiting the use and disclosure of, or deleting your personal information

Data subjects have the right to access, correct, limit the use and disclosure of, or delete personal data. To do so, contact us at