How GLS helped a US consulting firm work with a German toy and game maker


Our client, a prominent US consulting group, is known for its expertise in providing advice and documentation to international companies on DEI matters. It has extensive experience in offering customized consulting and training services and is committed to fostering inclusive workplaces that celebrate diversity while maximizing the potential of every individual employee. They have successfully supported numerous organizations across all sectors in adopting DEI practices, allowing them to not only meet legal and ethical standards but also boost productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

“We need to help our client implement their DEI values consistently across their US and European sites.” US consulting group


A diverse group of people working together at a table with a laptop on it

Implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace to ensure company success.


The problem

The US consulting group received a significant opportunity when a major multinational toy and game maker, approached them to assist in developing training documentation to identify and overcome biases in the workplace. Our client had created DEI documentation in English, but it needed the information in German for its staff in Germany. This language barrier posed a major obstacle, and without a specialized translation company capable of providing the highest level of quality and accuracy for these key documents, the consulting group would have lost a major opportunity to expand its global clientele. Finding a solution to overcome this language gap was imperative to ensure collaboration between the consulting group and its client and achieve the desired objectives for both parties.


How GLS helped its client

The US consulting group contacted GLS and after in-depth discussions about their needs and goals, the group decided to partner with GLS, which has extensive experience in providing high-quality and reliable language solutions for global enterprises. By collaborating with GLS, the consulting group aimed to bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps that often hinder the successful localization of their DEI plans. GLS leveraged its team of skilled translators and cultural experts to ensure that the essence of the DEI strategies remained intact while adapting them to align seamlessly with the cultural norms and values of the target audience.



The results

The partnership was an enormous success. GLS’s meticulous translation and localization efforts not only enhanced the clarity and accessibility of the DEI documents, but also demonstrated a genuine commitment to understanding and respecting the unique attributes of each culture. By breaking down language barriers and tailoring the content appropriately, GLS made it possible for the DEI documentation developed by the US consulting group for its to be implemented at the company’s German sites and drive effective change that improved the corporate culture, cross-cultural understanding, and employee engagement.



The central challenge of developing training documentation for a German toy manufacturer, posed a critical obstacle for our client. However, the strategic decision to partner with GLS allowed the US consulting group to overcome this problem. With meticulous attention to detail, GLS flawlessly translated the training materials into German, fostering clear and culturally resonant communication.

The successful translation process enabled the German manufacturer to readily embrace and implement the DEI plans, facilitating the creation of an inclusive work environment that celebrated diversity, empowered employees, and dramatically improved the workplace.

This case study underscores the paramount importance of language adaptation and cultural sensitivity in addition to an understanding of the source text. It is only by truly understanding the relevant cultures that translations can truly succeed. By incorporating best practices in translation, companies can pave the way for thriving, interconnected, and culturally diverse workplaces, thereby shaping a brighter and more inclusive future for all.


How can GLS help you?

Finding the right translation partner can be difficult. Whether you’re an innovative startup or an established company looking to enter new markets, GLS can provide you with the same clear benefits that we offered our consulting client – the highest level of quality, round-the-clock responsiveness, and a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the client’s success. Get in touch with us to see how we can provide you with the same benefits.