GLS Attends Global DIA in San Diego

For the first time ever, we here at GLS set up a booth presence at the Global DIA conference in San Diego last June. The DIA (Drug Information Association) is a global organization that supports life science and healthcare professionals by providing training and other knowledge-building opportunities.

Enthusiastically representing GLS’ global organization were Maia Costa, President of GLS; Karolin Neubert, Terminologist, and Anne Quinn, representing Operations.

The conference was not only an opportunity for us to spread the message of our outstanding niche services to new contacts within the pharmaceutical and life sciences world, but also a chance for us to learn what is important to the organizations and people working in these industries.

We connected with attendees representing almost fifty different companies, and we listened and learned. Many of these individuals were intrigued by the idea of a concierge language service, and we believe that they were able to return to their home offices with new ideas to consider in terms of opportunities for their language services needs.

GLS also had a presence at the regional European DIA conference (2018, Basel). Now with two successful and interesting DIA conferences under our belt, we are looking forward to setting up our booth again at DIA, as well as at many other conferences globally, where we can share, learn and continue to grow as a global organization.