GLS is a well-established translation company with over 30 years of continuous experience in the German ↔ English translation business. Founded in 1979, GLS has offices in both Seattle, Washington and Cologne, Germany, and provides translation and interpreting services for clients throughout the United States and Europe. Over the years, we have established expertise in a wide range of subjects, including biotechnology, engineering, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, law, business and marketing, political science, philanthropy, information and communications technology, and banking.

All of us at GLS are passionate about translation and dedicated to the profession. GLS founder, Courtney Searls-Ridge, set the tone for the company with her life-long commitment to improving aspects of the translation industry such as quality standards, professional ethics, and translator/interpreter training. The GLS team continues to uphold these values by participating actively in our professional organizations and by teaching language and translation courses at local colleges.

We are particularly known for our commitment to quality and for producing accurate, well-written translations. Specializing in only one language pair sets us apart from other multilingual agencies, and allows us to maintain a much greater measure of quality assurance. Our research and in-house quality control are meticulous and comprehensive. We know that every client is different, and we know how to assemble the right team of professionals for each individual project.

In addition to translation, our services include translation project management, technical writing, software localization, translation evaluation, and text editing. GLS also provides interpreters for all modes of interpreting and in all subject areas, as well as narrators and bilingual directors for audiovisual productions in both German and English.