• GLS provides German <> English translation and interpretation services accurately, reliably, and responsively.

  • Our commitment to quality and sustainability involves:

    • Delivering on-time, high-quality translations
    • Meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of our employees, freelancers, vendors, and clients
    • Monitoring, analyzing, and continually improving our processes

  • Our success is measured by our ability to maintain ongoing, mutually beneficial business relationships with long-term and repeat clients.

  • Our process of translation sets us apart from other translation services, and consistently produces extremely accurate translations of the highest quality. At GLS, this process involves six key elements:

  • Research and glossary building from beginning to end

    Terminology management is vital to the translation process. In large technical projects, the creation of glossaries is the only way to assure uniform terminology. This can even involve consulting with a knowledgeable person in our client’s office, examining their products, collecting target-language literature, etc. Our translators, editors, and project managers work as a team to refine and maintain our client-specific glossaries, and we actively solicit client feedback after each project.

    We use Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools such as Trados, STAR Transit, and Wordfast to assure consistent terminology across documents.

  • Translation by native speakers of the target language

    We work only with professional translators translating into their native language. No exceptions!

  • Content editing by native speakers of the source language

    Our content editors compare the source language text sentence-by-sentence to the target language translation to assure accuracy and completeness.

  • Editing for style and consistency by native speakers of the target language

    Conventional line editing assures that the final translation is truly "localized" into the target language. Occasionally, this step may even involve an expert in the field who is not familiar with the source language.

  • Final proofreading by native speakers of the target language

    The translated text receives one final reading to catch typographical and formatting errors.

  • Formatting and delivery

    We format your documents in accordance with your specifications and save them electronically in the format you request.

    We are rigorous about meeting deadlines!